Being able to monitor any structure and its environment in real time, simultaneously forecasting stress conditions and flow rates helps ensure safe operations and highlights any fatigue issues. GCG-ES provides a range of products and services from consulting and analysis through to complex integrated monitoring systems and preventive maintenance for sensors, software and computing hardware.

Unleashing the Full Potential of Operations Data in the GCC

GCG Engineering Services in the UAE has laid the foundation for disruptive innovation via the digitalization of the cyber-physical layer in the region, through an agreement with technology pioneer dDriven – with an industrial semantic signal hub that harmonizes data across multiple platforms to drive performance from the plant floor to the corporate level.

Traditional centralized approaches to industrial data management aimed at the flexible control of industrial processes are not sufficient.

The problem with these networks is that they often work in closed-data silos that lack system integration.

A pioneer in industrial digitization and the Internet-of-Things, dDriven’s UNLSH is an industrial semantic signal hub specifically designed to turn data from multiple systems into cohesive, performance-driven analytics.


The polyglot technology allows multi-layered corporations to unlock data from all IT systems, Automation Systems and IoT Sensors – any data, any system – and, using sophisticated AI, connect users to the pulse of operations, highlight statistics and notable events, and draw attention to exceptions anytime, anywhere.

It contains all the data-infrastructure and micro-services needed to read data from every type of physical or tangible entity such as motors, pumps, vessels, etc., and intangibles such as functions, workflows, events, etc., in any manufacturing or production business.

The technology merges systems-data from any field of industry. Recognizing this potential for its many clientele in the Energy, Water, Oil & Gas, and Chemical sectors, Gulf Commercial Group Engineering Services created market access in the GGC through a partnership agreement.

Now you will be able to leverage your existing IT & OT investments, unleash stored and streaming data from sensors, automation systems, manufacturing execution applications, ERP applications, and from numerous Excel sheets and Reports in functional silos without the need for added coding.

Your staff and management can now be connected to the live and comprehensive data flow of their operations.

An example: The system can link and analyze data from the IoT Gateway, SAP, Oracle, Historian, DCS and Excel platforms to formulate insights on demand, create predictive foresights, and prioritize actions and then present it all on one holistic interface.


It gives the plant manager, production manager, planner/ scheduler, or maintenance manager “Insight” into their operations from different perspectives. Being able to analyze trends cutting across functional silos, is vital to prevent potential lost opportunities.