Game Changing Flow Control Technology

Game Changing Flow Control Technology is Now Available in GCC thanks to a GCG Engineering Services agreement with British pressure control equipment manufacturer Oxford Flow, making the world’s most precise, accurate, and lightest Pressure Reducing Valves and Gas Pressure Regulators available to the Oil & Gas and Water industries.

Until now, industry has seen very little innovation in the way of flow control valve designs. Current options are heavy, lacking precision, stability, and reliability. They are often complex and require high maintenance resulting in ongoing personnel and equipment costs.

GCG-ES’ latest partner-supplier, British company Oxford Flow’s new valve technology will offer improved levels of performance across a wide range of demanding industries.

What makes this patented system so unique is that these pressure flow regulators are up to 80% lighter than existing products, virtually maintenance free and can handle over ten times the volume with the highest degree of precision and control in the world. The new valves have just one moving part, with no deformable or elastic elements which means high reliability and very low maintenance. The company’s range of systems suited to liquids, gas, and oils, was designed and tested at the Osney Thermofluids Institute research facility at Oxford University. The facility houses some of the most sophisticated turbine and high-speed flow facilities in the UK. GCG-ES, looks forward to supplying the Oxford Flow line of products to its customers across the region.