GCG-ES – Chaired Honeywell’s Joint Business Council

Mr. Nasir Sharif (General Manager, GCG-ES) chaired Honeywell’s Joint Business Council for the Middle East Partners from Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, Qatar and Pakistan. The conference was held at Honeywell’s Masdar office in Abu Dhabi on 1st & 2nd May.

During his keynote speech Nasir set out the strategic objectives of the conference; discussed emerging mega trends in the Oil & Gas, Energy, Food & Beverages, and Construction industries, and the risks, opportunities, and threats to regional economies due to current geopolitical affairs. He also explained possible strategic shifts in the offerings to convert those challenges into opportunities. The event was a great opportunity for our team to network with industry peers and Honeywell leadership to discuss marketing and product strategies, align Honeywell’s products with our customer’s needs and streamline internal processes.