GCG-ES’ First Automation Lab Inaugurated With Great Pride

Laying the foundation for our strategy to be a market leader in advanced automation & digitalization of the Oil & Gas and Energy Segment, our Regional Centre of Competence in Abu Dhabi was conceived to adopt new trends and accelerate our transformation and growth in this area.

The recent completion of our “Advanced Automation & Digitalization Lab” was the next step. It comprises all levels of automation systems; from field instrumentation, smart energy meters, and variable frequency drives to distributed control systems, remote terminal units (RTU), Cloud SCADA and communication over various industrial protocols, including wireless communication and communication over the cloud.

The digitalization platform (by dDriven) has integrated Automation Systems and ERP so that we can grab, store, and analyze data through this platform.

Although MNCs and OEMs dominate this segment, it is still in the development phase, and so our early engagement through dDriven–a vendor-agnostic platform–will place us amongst leading companies offering digitalization to the industry.

The lab was conceptualized, designed and integrated using the in-house resources of GCG-ES and will be used for internal resource training, testing new solutions, and as a tour de force of our ability to offer high-end automation and digitalization solutions for clients.