Ground Breaking Digital Services Portfolio

Unleashing the Full Potential of Operations Data in GCC, GCG Engineering Services has paved the way for the constructive digitization of big Oil & Gas industries in the region with technology pioneer dDriven – with an industrial semantic signal hub that will harmonize data across multiple platforms to drive performance from the plant floor to the top floor.

The problem with traditional centralized industrial data management systems is that they often work in closed-data silos that lack system integration, where data presented between platforms doesn’t allow for cooperative analysis without human intervention.

Driven, a company in Singapore pioneering industrial digitization and the Internet-of-Things has the answer with its recently unleashed UNLSH. It’s an industrial semantic-signal hub specifically designed to turn data from multiple systems into cohesive, performance-driven analytics and will be distributed exclusively by GCG-ES in the region.

Universal data connectivity

The technology will allow multi-layered corporations to unlock data from all information systems and, using sophisticated AI, formulate insights on demand, create predictive foresights, prioritize actions, and then present it all on one holistic interface. Recognizing this potential for its many clientele, GCG-ES were quick to ensure the system attained market access in the GCG and will add dDriven’s UNLSH system to its portfolio of solutions for commercialization and installation across the region