E&I is the authorized agent in the UAE and MEA regions for a wide range of partner brands catering for the energy industry. We only deal in products and systems of the highest quality to ensure the sustainability of the projects we work on.


Honeywell’s comprehensive portfolio of control products and smart transmitters combined with software solutions and open interfaces for data access enable you to manage your plant assets and optimize your enterprise by achieving bedrock system-critical control and data acquisition.


A global leader in the design and manufacturing of flow control devices. From standard applications to the most sophisticated, by holding core design principals, they pursue product and process improvements on flow-testing and energy loss diagnostic tools.


Fluenta is a world leader in ultrasonic flare metering. They have more than 500 flare metering systems in operation worldwide. The Fluenta Flare Gas Meter is the most robust and accurate flare monitor on the market today, and an essential tool for E&OP operators.


Meriam Instrument manufactures instrumentation for the prices measurement of flow, pressure and level. Since 1911, the process industries have relied on Meriam for NIST traceable calibration standards and cost effective indicators and primary elements. 


FMC Measurement Solutions has been the world leader in flow measurement and control of petroleum products since 133. Today, FMC delivers technical superiority with a complete range of liquid and gas custody transfer solutions.


KwangShin has over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing reciprocating-type compressors for air and gas applications in oil and gas production, petroleum refining and many other industries. KwangShin reciprocating compressors for these applications generally comply with the API618 design code.


As one of the leading players in this industry, the company has provided more than one million valves all over the world. Based on its advanced technologies and experiences, KOMOTO brand valves offer safe and reliable operation, perfect performance, professional technical support, easy maintenance, interchangeable parts and most importantly, long life.


SOR actively serves all sectors of the process industry with particular strengths in the oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical and power segments. The company also maintains an engineering and design team capable of providing engineered-to-order systems and products when required


BMT is a leading international design, engineering, science and risk management consultancy with a reputation for engineering excellence. They are driven by a belief that things can always be better, safer, faster and more efficient.

Oxford Flow

Oxford Flow designs and manufactures innovative pressure control equipment using technology developed at Oxford University. Elegantly engineered to be smaller and lighter than competing techonolgy, Oxford Flow’s Pressure Reducing Valves can significantly reduce costs for energy, water and process industries. Designed in Oxford and build in the UK.