Tank Gauging System

Tank gauging is essential for the assessment of tank contents, tank inventory control and tank farm management. For a complete solution on design, engineering, supply and commissioning of Tank Gauging systems, GCG-ES’ portfolio of high-end radar and servo tank gauges help in accurate level gauging for refineries, tank terminals and petrochemical industries. Our tank gauges are suitable for custody transfer as well as inventory control and are designed to be used in SIL-3 loops to prevent spillage.

  • Radar Tank Gauging System- SmartRadar FlexLine series
  • Servo Tank Gauging System- 854 Series

The Hermetic product line includes a full range of portable level gauging and sampling equipment dedicated to the petrochemical industry. Portable products permit static verification of the ullage and oil/water interface levels as well as temperature in a single measurement. The samplers help obtain a sample of the liquid content in the tank for further quality analysis in laboratories.

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