Marketing & Distribution

Our strategy is based on three pillars; Innovation, Diversification and Sustainability. Innovation contributes towards Technological aspects of the business such as Automation & Digitalization Solutions. Diversification brings focus on industrial segments; Energy, Water, Minerals (Cement) in addition to Oil & Gas and diversification in the products portfolio.



GCG is partnered with Honeywell to offer a robust, modular, and scalable controller capable of all remote automation and control applications. The PLC is pa...

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Pressure Instruments (Transmitters, Switches)

GCG's brings our clients a comprehensive portfolio of measurement and control products, including standalone instruments, smart sensors, and integrated systems...

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Temperature Instruments (Transmitters, Switches)

GCG’s portfolio of measurement and control products includes standalone instruments, smart sensors and integrated systems, all combined with software solutio...

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Level Instruments (Transmitters, Switches)

GCG delivers a comprehensive portfolio of measurement and control products to the industry. It includes standalone instruments, smart sensors, and integrated s...

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Flow instruments (Flowmeter, Switches)

GCG-ES provides Industry Leading Measurement Technologies including three API-approved custody dynamic transfer metering technologies: UltrasonicTurbinePosi...

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ON-OFF & Control Valves (Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly, DBB)

GCG offers a complete solution for valves in Power, Water & Waste-Water Management including desalination as well as Oil & Gas for upstream, midstream ...

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Custody Transfer Metering Skid

GCG’s Integrated Flow Solutions Fluid Custody Metering Systems are designed to accurately measure and sample various hydrocarbon liquids with various viscosi...

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Tank Gauging System

Tank gauging is essential for the assessment of tank contents, tank inventory control and tank farm management. For a complete solution on design, en...

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