Production Management

Our engineers are skilled and knowledgeable throughout our extensive project experience in the UAE and Iraq. You request, we deliver – no matter how challenging the request. Our sales team collaborate with your expert engineers to develop unique application solutions that propel higher efficiency adhering to the project’s distinct requirements.



GCG is partnered with Honeywell to offer a robust, modular, and scalable controller capable of all remote automation and control applications. The PLC is pa...

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Pressure Instruments (Transmitters, Switches)

GCG's brings our clients a comprehensive portfolio of measurement and control products, including standalone instruments, smart sensors, and integrated systems...

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Temperature Instruments (Transmitters, Switches)

GCG’s portfolio of measurement and control products includes standalone instruments, smart sensors and integrated systems, all combined with software solutio...

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Level Instruments (Transmitters, Switches)

GCG delivers a comprehensive portfolio of measurement and control products to the industry. It includes standalone instruments, smart sensors, and integrated s...

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Flow instruments (Flowmeter, Switches)

GCG-ES provides Industry Leading Measurement Technologies including three API-approved custody dynamic transfer metering technologies: UltrasonicTurbinePosi...

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ON-OFF & Control Valves (Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly, DBB)

GCG offers a complete solution for valves in Power, Water & Waste-Water Management including desalination as well as Oil & Gas for upstream, midstream ...

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Control Valves

Severe Service ZERO leakage Metal seated Valves


Our range of high-integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS) conform to prevent over-pressurization of your chemical or oil refinery plant. The HIP...

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Being able to monitor any structure and its environment in real time, simultaneously forecasting stress conditions and flow rates helps ensure safe operations ...

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