Recirculation & Evaporation

Circulation evaporators are designed to separate mixtures unable to be evaporated by a conventional evaporating unit. The temperatures required for various chemical evaporation points is tricky and methodical, requiring the most accurate levels of control. Our systems and solutions offer accurate readings to avoid over evaporations, putting you in control. Meters apply to both heat exchangers and flash separation units in conjunction with circulation of solvents to remove liquid mixtures without conventional boiling.



GCG is partnered with Honeywell to offer a robust, modular, and scalable controller capable of all remote automation and control applications. The PLC is pa...

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Pressure Instruments (Transmitters, Switches)

GCG's brings our clients a comprehensive portfolio of measurement and control products, including standalone instruments, smart sensors, and integrated systems...

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Temperature Instruments (Transmitters, Switches)

GCG’s portfolio of measurement and control products includes standalone instruments, smart sensors and integrated systems, all combined with software solutio...

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Level Instruments (Transmitters, Switches)

GCG delivers a comprehensive portfolio of measurement and control products to the industry. It includes standalone instruments, smart sensors, and integrated s...

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Flow instruments (Flowmeter, Switches)

GCG-ES provides Industry Leading Measurement Technologies including three API-approved custody dynamic transfer metering technologies: UltrasonicTurbinePosi...

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ON-OFF & Control Valves (Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly, DBB)

GCG offers a complete solution for valves in Power, Water & Waste-Water Management including desalination as well as Oil & Gas for upstream, midstream ...

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Being able to monitor any structure and its environment in real time, simultaneously forecasting stress conditions and flow rates helps ensure safe operations ...

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